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New Born Baby Sea Turtle

By: Change The WorldPublished: 2 years ago

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328 Pcs of Baby Turtle have released into the sea at Himchari, Pechardip area of Cox’sBazar .
Marinelife Alliance’s ; The Non Govt. Organization has been engaged with the work alongside local experts on various conservation and environmental projects focusing on the protection of turtles.The project is based at a turtle conservation centre on the Bay of Bangle ocean coast in the town of Cox’sbazar, Pechardip,Himchari.
Mr. Jakir Hossain, field officer, Marinelife Alliances’ has been doing the following works :
o Taking part in night time beach patrols on foot and to collect turtle eggs.
o Re-burying the eggs at an enclosed area at the conservation centre, called a “corral”.
o Monitoring the nests where the relocated eggs have been placed.
o Working at the corral to collect new born turtles as they emerge from the nests and releasing them into the sea. It typically takes six weeks for eggs to hatch.


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