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10 Mysterious Things Found After Hurricanes

By: TheHUBPublished: 8 months ago

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top 10 objects found after storms
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Sure, hurricanes can be scary. The winds they produce are enough to destroy homes. The rainfall causes massive flooding that can ruins streets, neighborhoods, and entire cities. So when we hear about hurricanes causing strange and mysterious objects to appear from out of nowhere, we arent surprised. The ocean and nature are incredible- they are constantly showing us just how powerful they are. Sometimes it is revealed that weird stuff has been nearby right under our noses and we only needed the hurricane to come and stir it up. In some examples, there were legendary shipwrecks and boats right by the beach that a hurricane had to reveal. Sometimes items from hundreds of miles away turn up at an odd location they shouldn’t be. Like on this list there were beekeeping supplies popping up in a river! And A raft from Cuba showing up in the North Carolina beach. And sometimes it’s not just items, but creatures too! Hundreds of rats showed up on a beach in Mississippi- and perhaps a mermaid somewhere else. It might seem hard to believe, but there is video proof of almost everything here! New York, New Jersey, Bermuda, North Carolina, South Carolina. All of these places are affected by Hurricanes and a lot more. Even tropical storms make odd and unidentified things appear! In one case, there was forgotten love letter from world war two that only became seen because of a hurricane. These are the Unidentified and Mysterious Things Found After Hurricanes.

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