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MOST Incredible Google Earth Images

By: TalltanicPublished: 5 months ago

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From SECRET Alien Bases, to the CRAZIEST rock formations, these are 30 AWESOME Google Earth Images !

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Considering there is no news articles about this incident, it is safe to assume that it was part of a training exercise for EMT’s

Or wait, here it is. It was actually a TV show prop for NBC’s “TRAUMA”

Either way, crazy looking stuff.

9.The Bizarrrre Pentagram
52°28'47.1"N 62°11'08.4"E
Perelski, Kazakhstan

8. Monkey Business

Look at this guy, instead of enjoying the beautiful view in front of him, his vanity got the best of him.

7. Just Rid

6. Halloween orr….

Won’t even try to explain this one away… just stare at the randomness and enjoy.

5.FIRE !!!

I hope everything turned out okay for these guys ! Looks like a manageable situation.

4.Oh. My. Is that ??

Welcome to Chilltown, population, this super chill alien. Wonder if he had anything to do with those darn crop circles.


2.Hope it didn’t rain...

If you have ever been on the receiving end of a TP attack, you know that this is one of the most ANNOYING things to clean up. EVER.

And if it rains, the TP gets all mushy and soggy, so it sticks to everything… ugh.

1. Guardian of the Galaxy
50° 0’38.20″N 110° 6’48.32″W
Walsh, Alberta, Canada

This rock formation resembles the face of a man with some awesome headgear. And the road leading up to the top of the mountain seems to form a pair of headphones that the stone man is jamming out with.


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