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Is IRAN a threat to the WEST? - VisualPolitik EN

By: VisualPolitik ENPublished: 12 months ago

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Iran, a country known as one of the biggest enemies of Western democracies. In fact, President George W. Bush included it as one of the members of the ‘evil axis’.
Actually, there are plenty of reasons to consider Iran as evil. The country is an Islamic theocracy, led by clergies who follow sharia law and where women and religious minorities are chased down.
If this was not enough, Iran finances terrorist groups like Hizbollah and they wanted to have a nuclear bomb.
Nonetheless, bad as it is, Iran is no worse than other Western allies as Saudi Arabia.

Then Why Iran is an enemy of the West while Saudi Arabia remains as an ally? In this video we will answer this and many other questions.

The voice in this video is from Dan Johnston. Visit his channel here:

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