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Why Alien Megastructure 'Tabbys Star' Is the Weirdest Discovery in the Cosmos

By: ZEG TV HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLICPublished: 5 months ago

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This is an event never seen on any star in the universe, so strange it has left scientists baffled. The anomalous luminary has inspired theories behind its sensational odd-ball behavior. When astronomers and stargazers watch the star fade, are they witnessing the aftermath of a star devouring its planet? A catastrophic collision of planets? Or does the star’s waning shed light on the ever elusive search for intelligent life?

This is the strangest and most mysterious star in the Universe goes by a lot of different names KIC 8462852 aka Tabby's Star aka Boyajian's Star is also known by many as simply "the alien megastructure star" the dimming could be due to some kind of alien megastructure surrounding the star – something like an energy-absorbing Dyson Sphere, perhaps – that was built up around KIC 8462852, intermittently obstructing its light from reaching us.


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