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Mekong. Angkor, The city of the Sleeping Forest | Culture - Planet Doc Full Documentaries

By: Planet Doc Full DocumentariesPublished: 4 years ago

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Documentary "Mekong, the river of nine dragons"

After crossing the territory of Laos, the waters of the Mekong enter a country plagued by violence and poverty, Cambodia.

This is Angkor, "the city of the sleeping forest", one of the most incredible architectural monuments on earth. However, the origin of Angkor remains veiled in mystery. The only references we have come from the accounts of Chinese and Indian travellers, and the few surviving stone inscriptions. These inscriptions contain constant references to the worship of water. The demographic pressure in Angkor forced them to harvest four crops of rice a year. The engineers of the empire designed an enormous, complex system of canals, dykes and reservoirs to compensate for the climactic differences and so multiply the crops, creating an economic potential which, for five centuries, allowed one million inhabitants to live and progress. Founded at the start of the ninth century by king Jayavarman II, Angkor was the capital of Cambodia until the fifteenth century. The entrances to the site are guarded by the genies of the heavens, 27 stone giants standing at either side of the road leading to Angkor Wat, the culmination of Khmer art. In 1431 it was sacked by Thai invaders and, for over 400 years, the city remained, forgotten, lost in the depths of time.



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