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From Egg to Chick

By: Griffin NestPublished: 7 years ago

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Movie of development from a chicken egg to a live baby chick.
Includes video of candling, hatching process, and information on how to incubate an egg.

Chicken Egg Incubation:

Incubation: 21 days
Temperature (Days 1-18): 99.5 F (37.5 C)
Humidity (Days 1-18): Normal- 50%-60%_Dry- 30%-40% (Dry Incubation only works well in specific areas)
Temperature (Days 18-21): 99.0 F (37 C)
Humidity (Days 18-21): 60%-70%
Turn eggs on direct opposite side at least 3 times a day (3, 5, or 7. No even numbers if eggs are being turned by hand)
Do not turn eggs last 3 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (READ BEFORE COMMENTING):

1: Can I hatch eggs from the grocery store?
NO. The egg is not fertilized. There is not a baby chick inside it. It will not hatch no matter what.

2: Can I hatch a chick with a lamp or blanket?
NO. Lamps don't offer a stable heat/humidity environment. Blankets do not produce heat; it will not work.

3: If I touch a bird's egg/chick, will they abandon it because of my smell?
NO. This is a myth. However, handling of eggs might scare them away from the nest because of your hand, not because of the smell.

*Note: Chickens grow very quickly and need a lot of space. Please be prepared to provide proper space and the right food for the animals. Do research! (DO NOT FEED BREAD.)


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