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Is a Civilization Building Something Around Tabby's Star? [Out Of This World]

By: SEAPublished: 4 weeks ago

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KIC 8462852... that is the official name of a star located 1,400 light years away, discovered by the Kepler Telescope on its 4-year mission when it revealed over 120,000 new planets and stars. This star however is not like any star ever discovered before, thanks to its cyclic drops in luminosity. While it is commonplace for orbiting planets to dim stars by 1-2%; KIC 846, now nicknamed 'Tabby's Star', has been dropping by up to 22%. Many theories have surfaced, including gas clouds, comets and even collisions... but all natural possibilities have been ruled out, leaving only one remaining idea... could an alien species be responsible for the 'single massive object experiencing ongoing change'? It sounds like a ludicrous theory but... there is more science behind this theory, and the idea of what the aliens are doing that we just can't rule out. Today, on Out of this World, we are going to be analysing this star, its trends, the theories, and just what might be responsible for this mystery that has baffled scientists for years.

Music partially by Jon Björk
Cosmic Storm by A Himitsu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0



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