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Survival Bunkers and What They Won't Tell You

By: TestosteroneRNPublished: 2 years ago

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TestosteroneRN is a Military Veteran, a Registered Nurse, an Infection Preventionist, and a prepper.
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TestosteroneRN discusses Survival Bunkers and explains that throughout history, nothing has had killed as many people as infectious and chronic disease. If you want to increase your chances of survival, Click here

to watch TestosteroneRN discuss what makes a survival bunker/shelter a true SAFE SPACE free from microorganisms. This informational outlook is made from the perspective of a hospital infection preventionist. This video discusses infection prevention concepts and practices that are ESSENTIAL to prolonged sheltering in a survival bunker. These practices are not just essential to the prepper that wishes to live in a bunker. Listen to learn key health and infection prevention concepts that can be stratified across multiple facets of preparedness and even everyday life. Whether your plans are to live in a Bunker or Bug out during SHTF SUBSCRIBE to TestosteroneRN to learn valuable information for staying healthy and to give yourself the best chances for survival during any SHTF situations.
Stay informed. Be prepared!

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