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ElKitchenDeWessy Feat. Danileigh (Season 2. Ep.1)

By: ElKichenDeWessyPublished: 5 months ago

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1st episode of the 2nd season of #ElKitchenDeWessy where guest star Danileigh helps ElKitchenDeWessy make a dope Dominican & Haitian Dinner. (INGREDIENTS & INSTRUCTIONS BELOW)

Milk & Cereal Season 2 where Cereal has not completely forgiven milk about his past actions.

INGREDIENTS (Can Be Made Vegan):
- White Jasmine Rice
- Black Beans (canned)
- Chicken Breast (Remove Chicken to make it Vegan)
- Plantain (Cooking Banana)
- Tomato Paste
- Onion
- Cloves
- Chicken Seasoning or (Adobo) *insert eye roll emoji
- Habanero Pepper
- Canola Oil

1. (MAKING THE RICE) For every 1 cup of rice, you'll need two cups of water. In this video I used (2) cups of rice. Place two cups of rice in a cooking pot followed by four cups of water.
- Open the can of beans and wash them off. Place them in your cooking pot with rice and water.
- Add a little bit of salt.
- Add a little bit of cloves.
- Cut a habanero in thirds and put a third in the cooking pot (habanero is for flavoring, please avoid eating it).
- Add two table spoons of canola oil to the pot, then turn the fire on high/med high (until water comes to a boil.
- IMPORTANT! Once water comes to a boil, be sure to turn the fire on low

*Wash the chicken with a light water/vinegar mix (or a Lime)
- Cut the chicken breast into small pieces. (To make the dish Vegan, don't use chicken).
- Throw the chicken in the cooking pot with canola oil.
- Turn the fire on medium an start cooking the chicken
- Add your seasonings (Adobo)
- Cut the onion into thin slices to where they form rings (when you push out the center of the slice you just cut). Put the onions in the sauce pot.
- Cut half a habanero and throw that in the pot
- Add closed to your sauce pot (about a teaspoon)
- Add a tablespoon of tomato paste to the pot.
- Add two cups of water
-Turn the fire on low and let the sauce simmer

- Peel the plantain
- Cut the plantain
- Grab a frying pan an put canola oil on it.
- Cook the plantain on medium heat until light brown

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