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This Is Why Most North Korean Defectors Are WOMEN

By: TheTalkoPublished: 5 months ago

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A look inside the lives of defectors from the worlds most secretive and isolated country.


When someone defects from their home country, it means that they are choosing to give allegiance to and are going to live in an enemy country. When it comes to defecting from North Korea, most of the people who do so are planning to resettle in South Korea. Leaving Kim Jong-un's strict regime behind is not an easy decision to make. The road out of North Korea is a dangerous one, and defectors can be severely punished if they are captured before reaching their final destination. If you're curious to know why the majority of defectors are women, make sure to watch This Is Why Most North Korean Defectors Are WOMEN.

One major reason why North Korean women are more likely to defect than their male counterparts is because they watch illegal K-dramas. There is a black market in North Korea for South Korean TV shows and women are the ones running it. One defector admitted that she was motivated to leave her country behind after she saw how carefree and glamorous the lives of the South Korean women were on TV.

An even bigger reason why women are the majority of defectors is because there is a huge demand in China for North Korean brides. Some women allow strangers to sell them to Chinese men because it’s one of the only ways to get out of North Korea alive. But you'll have to watch the video to hear how terrible it can be for these women to be trafficked.

From being tired of living in poverty to knowing that they'll be safer anywhere else, there are many reasons why women choose to defect from North Korea. Make sure to watch until the end to hear why one defector is on Kim Jong-un's target list.

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