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Melting Lead From Car Batteries

By: The Last VikingPublished: 10 months ago

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In this video I will be cutting a car battery in half to remove the acid and lead for future projects, WARNING do not try this at home this project is super dangerous and you could hurt yourself or some one else, and melting lead can be very dangerous, when you melt lead down the fumes are extremely toxic and even with a good mask you could still get lead dust into your lungs.
This project is extremely dangerous if you have kids around because after melting the lead you could have lead dust in your clothing do not let anyone touch your clothing make sure you wash it right away and not with any other clothing, then take a show and get any lead dust off your skin these are all the things you have to worry about when working with lead so please do not try this at home its dangerous for you and people around you.

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