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Message To My Daughter **Emotional**

By: Olivia PalmerPublished: 4 months ago

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Dear Avalynn,
At just 16 years old I was blessed with my most treasured gift, and all though for some that is the most exciting time of there life, it was my most feared. I was scared that I wasn’t going to be the best example, I was scared that because of my age I couldn’t give you the world and I was scared that because of that you wouldn’t love me. I remember the first time I met you. I watched you take your first breath. And in that moment I knew you were scared to you were confused. There were people everywhere and bright lights shining at you. The nurses laid you on my chest and we both instantly felt at peace. All of my fears were gone. And Nothing else in this world mattered besides you. 8 months have gone by now and I won’t for a second tell you it’s been easy but I will tell you that every late night rocking you to sleep, every drop of wasted food I’ve wiped off your face every emotional break down I’ve had, and every sleep deprived day I’ve made it through has been worth it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world for you have built be to be the mother that I didn’t think I was capable to be. I hope when you watch this you know how loved you are, I hope you know your worth, beauty, strength and brilliance. Never forget your morals, goals or value. Smile as often as you can. And always stay true to who you are. Family is everything.and both your father and I love you Avalynn Mae.

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