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Megalodon Sharks - Creepiest Sea Predators! BIGGEST SHARKS EVER

By: Eddy LacostePublished: 2 years ago

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Megalodon Sharks - Creepiest Sea Predators! BIGGEST SHARKS EVER

World's biggest shark ever - Megalodon - this giant sea monster is still alive... These scary creatures are much bigger than great white sharks ...Actually they're enormous! And these are maybe the best megalodon evidences ever... these megalodons caught on cameras will prove you that the giant creatures didn't go extinct ... These monsters could swallow everything... i mean - EVERYTHING! Look at them - they are unbelievably huge! Megalodons are stunning animals.. large and scary but still somehow amazing! BTW these creatures are one of the most favourite monsters in movies ...and games too!...They are included in some very popular games as hungry shark evolution, gta 5 or battlefield 4 and they became really popular among people... However maybe 95% of the population thinks that they are just ''myth''.. Mmm they're not...They existed in the past and they still live....

I've heard a lot of stories about scary sea creatures like kraken (the giant squid), loch ness monster or mermaids (sirenas) but you know what - the megalodon is the largest and the scariest of them... nothing of these here except the megalodon is not real plus they are not so terrifying because if you think about that the kraken, for example, is just too ...soft and not dangerous at all... loch ness monster is large but it's like a grass eating dinosaur that will not attack you and mermaids... well they are just kind aquatic creatures with some magical powers... however the most aggressive ...the most ferocious thing is the megalodon and i don't know do you know about that but the Jaws movies were inspired by megalodon stories... and the shark there is extra large great white which is almost the same as megalodon ..and people don't like this films because the shark is too scary for most of them... yeah that's right it's horrifying!

I don't know why so many people don't believe in megalodons... I mean I know so many people who believe in some strange supernatural (obviously not real) things like ghosts, aliens, and demons but when I say the word ''megalodon'' they just say '' you really think this dino is still alive ...'' well yes it's alive! All of the dinosaurs went extinct but ...these sharks didn't! My theory is : they just went to the ocean bottom and lived there a lot of time... they ate whales and other huge stuff ...and now this megalodon here appeared on the sea surface (i don't know why) ...

Btw I've heard some stories about megalodons that have attacked ships... and you won't believe me but last week a ship was attacked in the Pacific Ocean... by 400ft long megalodon... the captain claims that it was a megalodon but nobody believed him... the shipping company thinks he's lying... and nobody caught it on camera so they couldn't prove that...however I just wanna tell you that megalodons can eat even madden of steel ships and that's shocking!

Maybe some of you watch TV and have watched the Discovery Channel Shark Week series about megalodons...actually, they lied... they didn't show real megalodon...I mean they showed it but it was madden on after effects (this is proffesional editing program for videos. sth like photoshop but for vids) and they just wanted to get more audience... they lied people with something fake... I hate when somebody lies.. there are so many other people who claim that they have seen real megalodons and some of them even show photos of the sharks but 95% of them are edited... 95% of the megalodon sightings on the internet are hoax... but this one here is genuine believe me! This is real evidence not fake!

Some people even think that these beings are the great mystery of the Bermuda Triangle... some people believe that there live a lot of megalodons and they just attack everything that moves - ships, submarines... even planes that fly too low... and maybe that's true because a lot of planes who flew there close to the ocean disappeared and those of them that were high in the sky - they are all intact... And that's really weird...

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