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Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on Laylatul Qadr (The Night of Power)

By: Zaytuna CollegePublished: 12 months ago

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With the final days of Ramadan upon us, we reflect on the deeper meanings of the Night of Power (Laylatul Qadr) with our president, Hamza Yusuf. This live recording includes a and question and answer session. Support Zaytuna Today,

Clickable Content Chapters
0:0:09 Bismillah
0:01:20 About Ramadan, Laylatul Qadr and the Quran
0:02:55 How Do We Understand Qadr
0:06:18 Qadr as Measurement
0:10:25 83 Years and 4 Months
0:14:13 What is the Official Night
0:15:42 Going Back to the Quran
0:16:20 The Result of Abandoning the Quran
0:19:57 A Summation of the Quran
0:23:43 Cause and Effect
0:27:00 The Promise and the Threat
0:28:44 The Quran in 7 Meanings
0:33:20 The 7 Meanings are in the Fatiha
0:37:32 What Was Prophesied About These Times
0:38:59 We Know the End of the Story
0:41:20 The Attributes of the Quran

Comments, Questions and Answers

0:45:12 Question 1: I am very confused about the entire concept of Qadr and human responsibility and choice after reading the ayah, “and you cannot will unless we will”. If we cannot will to seek guidance from Allah SWT and God is the one who wills us to even want guidance, then how are we responsible for misguidance, please explain?
0:54:40 Question 2: What are some of the signs of Laylatul Qadr and their deeper meanings?
0:56:14 Question 3: What is exactly meant by understanding the Quran and what would you advise someone living in a Western culture to intensify their personal relationship with the quran, not having access to a distinctive Islamic education?


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