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By: American EyePublished: 4 months ago

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From Giant anacondas to relics from the Aztec civilization, here are 10 discoveries made at construction sites

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5. Ancient Roman Barracks
While constructing a new subway line in Rome, construction workers unearthed a military complex deep below the city, in May 2016. This barracks contained 39 rooms but it also contained a collective grave with numerous skeletons. What a remarkable discovery for some construction workers! The mass tomb contained 13 skelet---on believed to be the bodies of praetorian guards. They were some of the finest roman legions of their day and acted as bodyguards for roman generals. Praetorian guards served for notable figures like Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. The skeletons also contained bronze bracelets. The dig revealed beautiful mosaics like you see in this photo. The ancient roman barracks dig site was located next to Villa Celimontana and not to far from the infamous Coliseum. This recent discovery, proves that it’s possible that we don’t know everything about this vast, powerful roman empire.

4. French Queen’s Hairpin
Discovered in Paris during the restoration of the beautiful fontainebleau chateau, this ounces belonged to the legendary Queen Catherine de medici. This queen was known for being one of the most influential in France and anything that belonged to her normally ends up in a museum somewhere. Catherine was married to King Henry the II and quickly gained power. She’s even been proclaimed as one of the most powerful people in Europe during the 16th Century. It’s hard to even put a price on this kind of relic from the past. The photo we see here the top part of the pin which seemingly resembles a chanel lo. It’s made of pure gold and emeralds. From other jewelers across europe at the time, she seemed to have one of the best.What made this discovery even stranger, the pin actually came out of the toilet when it was discovered. Maybe the pipes have reached a whole new archaeological site.

3. Aztec Temple and Ball Park
Archaeologists unearthed an extremely mysterious tomb that contained the bones of 15 people was well as animals. Researchers believe the grave held some ceremonial purpose and that the people were sacrificed to the sun god. They were asked to excavate the site in Mexico City before buildings were set to be built. This certainly came as a surprised and if they hadn’t discovered it, a building would be placed on this ancient burial site. This is believed to be about 700 years old and made a few centuries before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors. This mysterious death mask was one of the items dug up at this location. There was also an aztec ceremonial ball court that you might be familiar with from seeing various films Aztecs were the first to use rubber as a resource. The winners of the match earned to honor of being an offering to the Sun God. This discovery taught historians a lot about the capital city of Tenochtitlan and important.

2. Triceratops Skull
We’re all familiar with films about dinosaurs but uncovering the real bones of an actual dinosaur must be a whole lot better. Triceratops were massive herbivores that roamed around the planet about 66 million years ago. This photo here shows construction workers in Colorado, helping out the archaeologists and getting a little work done on their own. With all of these priceless discoveries, you have to wonder

LA Subway Extension Discovery
Trying to dig massive tunnels can be a challenge when you keep on making archaeological discoveries. With all the earth needing to be moved, it seemed like only a matter of time before LA would make a discovery while extending their subway system. Just recently in 2017, construction workers came across bones of Mastodons, camels, bison, horses and a part of a rabbit’s jaw. This photo her shows an archaeologist carefully examining the skeleton of young Columbian Mammoth that was found and you can tell she’s in disbelief. Can you imagine how exciting it would be working as a construction worker, then getting asked to dig up ancient artifacts? That’s not in my job description!


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