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Hidden Cities Discovered In The Jungle Ruins of Angkor Wat!!

By: OuttaluckPublished: 2 years ago

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Take a trip to the ancient city complex of Angkor Wat.

The pride of Cambodia, Angkor Wat, is the largest temple complex in the world. The construction technique, the decorations and the modern technology used, which, at the time unheard of makes this a truly unique site in the world. Impressive and massive, Angkor Wat is an intriguing place to visit that once again will question our prevailing belief that our civilization is more advanced than civilizations that existed in the past. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the temple itself is an enormous three level pyramid built on a floating rectangular piece of land surrounded by water. It consists of nine towers, each more than 60 meters high. It was built to represent the ‘home of the gods’, Mount Meru , a mythical sacred mountain in Hindu mythology which is considered to be the residence of the god Brahma and the Devas.

In June, 2016, previously undiscovered cities were discovered in the jungle ruins around Angkor Wat! This complex now is estimated as the greatest empire in the 12th & 13th century!!

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