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Strange Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

By: Bored BadgerPublished: 6 months ago

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One of the most charming things about the Queen has got to be her love for Corgis. The small to medium sized dogs are known for their short legs and adorably oversized ears. You know how sometimes when your beloved family dog passes away, you buy a new dog of the same breed? Well, the queen has done that with her corgis; owning 30 plus of the loveable pups during her reign. She loved her first Corgi, Susan, so much that she brought her on her own vacation. As a matter of fact, the Corgi has practically become the mascot for Buckingham Palace.

6.She’s A Boss

The Queen of England has been around for so long that she has met with 12 prime ministers and 12 separate US presidents over the course of her reign. She typically meets with the British Prime Minister on Wednesday evenings. The first prime minister and colleague she worked with was the famous and great Winston Churchill. He oversaw England’s relations during World War II, creating a force of Allied Powers with the United States and other countries in order to defeat the Axis Powers. This was just one of accomplishment out of his astonishing list of accomplishments.

5.She’s Loved By Unlikely Celebs
Everyone came out to celebrate the 91st birthday of the Queen of England herself, including Rihanna. Well, sort of. In 2017, our girl “Riri” posted multiple photoshopped snaps of the Queen’s face on her outrageously outfitted body. While Rihanna loves to rock daring ensembles, the Queen very obviously is perfectly happy in her colorful suits. It’d be pretty insane to think of the Queen rocking the British monarchy in a rhinestone bodysuit with daisy dukes on top. But hey, anything can happen. Sure, the Instagram tribute was a little strange. But for a star as over the top as Rhianna, this is actually quite normal.

4.She Doesn’t Need Documents

The Queen is apparently allowed to drive without a license and doesn’t even need an international passport for travel. WHy is this? Well, she issues passports in her country. So if the rules ever change, we think she’s got it covered.

3.She’ll Never Be A Criminal

Although it may change in modern government, the Queen is immune from “being tried or of giving evidence in court”. Even if she were to commit a crime, her ministers would take the fall on her behalf. The last monarch that went to court was Charles I in 1649, and he was executed. But, the Queen seems like a pretty harmless woman, so we’re not too worried about it.

2.She’s Tech Savvy

We may have memories of sending our first AOL 2.0 email sometime in the nineties, but the queen sent her first from a British Army Base way back in 1976. And she even had a screen name! Her account was set up as “HME2”, standing for “Her Majesty, England II”. How was this even possible for the time? The computer networking system ARPANET was a seedling that started in America by Larry Roberts that eventually blossomed into what we now know as the good ole World Wide Web.

1.She’s a Lizard

Ok, not really. In fact, we think that this claim is absurd. But if you search the web for “Queen Elizabeth is an evil Reptilian” you’ll see a strangely copious amount of blogs and videos about the wacky conspiracy theory. Reptilians are a rumored group of powerful half human beings/ half reptilian aliens that “run the planet” through fame and fortune and have existed for hundreds of years. Many conspiracy theorists argue “Reptilian people” can shapeshift and have eyes that sometimes blink horizontally, like a reptile. Apparently,the royal bloodline is that of RH, or reptilian blood, and that reptilian DNA is what makes them able to manipulate the world around them for their own benefit. The proteins found in the A, B, AB, and O blood types are sometimes missing, making the Rh blood type. About 15 percent of people in the world are Rh. Allegedly, the Queen has blood type rH . Many US presidents have apparently had this blood type as well, and it can be inferred that Maybe rH just stands for “Royal Highness”. What do you think? Have you ever of this? Look around you and ask a friend the same question, because about 4 percent of Americans seriously believe in this Reptilian Rumor.


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