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Brown Girls vs White Girls - Wedding Edition

By: Tia BhatiaPublished: 2 years ago

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"THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL" This was written at the bottom of the caption, but people were unable to see. Okay maybe two differences: 1) we may wear heavier clothes 2) our events go on for a month!

This video is the "getting ready for a wedding" edition. Nancy and I loved filming a wedding edition to Brown vs White. Huge shout out to her for being a part of this video. Thank you to Alex who helped film, and did much more. I burnt my hand during this shoot, and these two really pulled through for me. Make sure you show them love! Remember this is all just for fun, please do not turn it into arguments over anything. Sending out all the hugs to everyone!!! Whatever Nancy chose to wear was her decision, and I did not take any part in that. She's a beautiful lady and I'm lucky to have worked with her...and just a side note for some who may not understand. We, Indians, refer to each-other as Brown within the Indian community and many others, from other cultures, also refer to themselves as brown as well. This video is focusing specifically on Desis. Racism is showing superiority, there is no one showing they are better than the other in this video.

As for the song played I asked Nancy what's her favourite song to get ready to, hence the song.

Nancy's channel:

Nancy's Song:
"Danza Kuduro" - Don Omar ft. Lucenzo

My Song:
"Kala Chashma" - Baar Baar Dekho

Guess what??? THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE.... Maybe just our clothes are heavier.


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